Who We Are

ChoicePicks is a solutions company focused on delivering the Acsellerator foodservice distributor-centric, online promotional network for participating trading partners. Acsellerator is designed to support and service Independents and Small Chains.​

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What We Do

Simply Put, We Provide a customer Promotion Platform That’s:​

  • Modernized with today’s technology
  • A robust network integrated with auto communication and user connectivity technology for the best user experience
  • A collaborative hub where participating foodservice trading partners can create, approve and renew trade deals
  • Built with guided workflows, including the distributor acceptance that easily supports the distribution of promotional products
  • Structured to support independent and small chain customers 

How We Do It

  • The network has user business centers that are customizable specific to the user

  • User selects and is approved/denied for roles, permissions, and affiliations in the network.

  • All promotions created are specifically from the distributor’s active inventory

  • Links provided for distributor/supplier resources

  • Centralized promotional data center

Deal Data Flow Example

  • Distributor sends Acsellerator product information

  • Acsellerator sends back product deals data

  • Distributor sends Acsellerator sales

  • Acsellerator invoices MFG/Supplier

  • Accelerator pays operator rebates earned

Our Services

Provide API custom data reports for your systems ​​

Acsellerator platform offers:​

  • Deal execution
  • Transparency​
  • Communication​
  • Collaboration​
  • Leverage​
  • Audit Trail Views of FS Operator Rebate based on role and approval ​
    • Exceptions​
    • Group Invoice​
    • Posting​
    • Aging Report​
    • Ledger​
    • Check Register ​
    • Customer Activity Summary report​

Our Founders

Rick Heineman, CEO

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Sam Jackson, COO

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