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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive.
How does Acsellerator counteract double dipping deals?

When the same product is promoted to the same customer more than once within a conflicting timeline, the deals will be highlighted in red with a note explaining the conflicting product deal(s). The deal products must be corrected without a double-dipping issue, or the deal(s) will not be forwarded for approval or acceptance.

Can a user request more permissions or roles?

Yes – your company may have some restrictions, but we allow for requests for different roles and permissions; however, these will have to go thru the company admin for approval.

How does a deal become a legitimate deal for the customer?

After the Distributor Acceptor has accepted the deal it is legitimate. But don’t forget the customer needs to place the order.​

If I create a deal, can I track my deal?

Yes, there is total transparency for your deals. You can check the Deal History, check the deal # and expand the deal detail, check the section Deals that I Created.

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