Foodservice Trade Collaboration Network

Digital transformation and social business aren’t just buzzwords to us. They’re foundational to the Acsellerator trade collaboration platform for foodservice distributors.

ChoicePicks has taken the concept of a social network — a place where people can engage and interact — and applied that idea to a new platform where distributors can collaborate with trading partners to serve small chains and independent operators.

Trading partners that join Acsellerator have access to an online business center. That business center is the starting point for your daily activities in the Acsellerator platform. Your users will have access to only what you authorize them to see and use.

Your participating trading partners will have their own business centers, too, where they will work in partnership with you to streamline the promotion process for small chains and independent operators.

With Acsellerator, you’ll find concepts familiar to you straight out of the world of social media:

  • User profiles – each of your authorized users can have a profile under the umbrella of your business.
  • Company profiles — each company profile represents a distributor, supplier, or broker that is part of the promotions process. From your company profile, you can define your affiliations to other users and company profiles.
  • Connectivity — you don’t have to go outside the platform to work with a collaborator on your deals. All the action happens within Acsellerator.

Acsellerator is the one platform where distributors, suppliers, and brokers can cooperatively streamline programs targeted to small chains and independent operators. Request a demonstration today.

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