Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive.
How does Acsellerator counteract double dipping deals?

When the same product is promoted to the same customer more than once within a conflicting timeline, the deals will be highlighted in red with a note explaining the conflicting product deal(s). The deal products must be corrected without a double-dipping issue, or the deal(s) will not be forwarded for approval or acceptance.

Can a user request more permissions or roles?

Yes – your company may have some restrictions, but we allow for requests for different roles and permissions; however, these will have to go thru the company admin for approval.

How does a deal become a legitimate deal for the customer?

After the Distributor Acceptor has accepted the deal it is legitimate. But don’t forget the customer needs to place the order.​

If I create a deal, can I track my deal?

Yes, there is total transparency for your deals. You can check the Deal History, check the deal # and expand the deal detail, check the section Deals that I Created.

What permissions are available for users?

If you have approval for a sales rep role you can request and be assigned permissions. All permissions are related to deals and promotional activities.

Why does Acsellerator target the independents and small chains?

Most larger chains and GPOs have been granted lucrative contracts based on purchasing power. We have determined that Distributors and their Trading Partners can be a powerful support team promoting to this niche market.

What is automatic routing?

Automatic routing is the custom routing that the user is guided through on the Acsellerator promotional track. This is all controlled by the role(s), permissions, and affiliations the user has with their network.

Every foodservice tech software swears they have transparency for their users but it is always lacking in some areas. So why should I believe your system has complete transparency?

Each user based on who they are in the network will have access to their complete deal/promo audit history as the promo makes its way from creation, approval/denial, acceptance/denial. Each user, based on who they also have access to, can see the audit accounting trail views to summary down to detailed customer activity reporting. It does not get any more detailed than that.

What are Acsellerator's different marketing venues?

Promotional marketing venues may include many various options with one to many customers, one to many customers, promo events, menu mention, Brilliant Buy options – by interactive monthly flyers, by special events promos by segment, by customer type, by product category/subcategory, by LTOs, by digital coupons, etc.

What product restrictions does Acsellerator have?

The only product restrictions are that the products must be active inventoried product by the distributor.

How does the customer hear/know what promotions are available?

Customers know about promotions via several options; emailed by distributor sales and/or marketing, by broker, or by supplier. The online promotional system for the customer is the option located on the distributor’s customer order placement and invoice system.


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