Foodservice Distributor Trade Promotion Solutions

The Acsellerator platform from ChoicePicks addresses a variety of pain points that foodservice distributors and their trading partners face when managing trade promotion programs to small chains and independent operators.

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The Acsellerator Trade Spend Solution Helps You


with trading partners via the Acsellerator network to more fully optimize TPM


expenses that are rising at the hands of your own system or a third party ​


more of your active, inventoried product with your trading partners


additional/new customer data​


Acsellerator technology to strengthen joint trading partner success​

With AcSellerator

the foodservice distributor, its suppliers, and brokers have powerful solutions ​at their fingertips


Deal Collaboration

Distributors, suppliers, and brokers all have access to one system where they can cooperatively create deviated deals, operator rebates, menu allowances, and promo events. 


Deal Transparency

Distributor users can easily view customer deal status from creation through completion via their process-based roles, permissions, and affiliations. Additionally, users can review the history of actions on the deal.


automated Deal Routing

Distributors can create and manage deals via a deal approval workflow that includes suppliers, brokers, and the customers.


Back office

Accounting and audit reporting system for Acsellerator to  invoice suppliers for claim payments on distributors’ behalf. Rebates can be paid directly to operators or sent to the distributor or distribution. Based on user role, users can view Customer Activity View Top Line and Detail reports.

Ready to Learn More About Acsellerator?

What challenges do foodservice distributors face when it comes to increasing revenues, especially in the next four years? How can they solve them?

In our opinion, financial discipline and promotional performance will be the major obstacles distributors will encounter. The foodservice industry is a fragmented market. It will be imperative for clients to partner with their trading partner companies to gain accessibility to knowledgeable people and advanced technology. From our perspective, that will continue to differentiate our services moving forward.

What’s In IT for Stakeholders?

Information flow

Increased customer data for better forecasting and creation of more effective marketing and promotional programs for independents and small chains.

Physical flow

Increased case movement to small chains and independent operators

Financial flow

Our system allows suppliers’ approved accounts payable and sales users to edit inputs at various stages before an invoice is sent to the supplier, i.e, deferred payment, exceptions, etc., to speed up the supplier turnaround payment process.

Promotional programs should increase financial revenues to the distributor.

Intuitive Promotional System

Acsellerator provides an easy-to-use, frictionless user experience for administering trade spend deals. 

Collaboration and Transparency

ability to collaborate and communicate with all trading partners and visibility into all deals and related transactions.




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